Cisco system, Inc. is one of the most well-known enterprises related to the technology and telecommunication. Cisco became the most popular name in technology and network by the year 2000, but it was established before in 1984 and it was in1990 by the time people came to know about this corporate. This shows it has many years of experience in the technology and has worked hard many years to make its name. Cisco has made its name in the different aspects of technology and network. It is involved in the development, manufacturing and selling the telecommunication equipment, technology hardware and many other such services that are required in the technology and networking. Cisco has been increasing day by day by passing on the latest knowledge of technology and by training many people all across the world. This system of training is known as Cisco exam. Cisco exam is held every once in a while and the candidates passing those exams are awarded the Cisco certification. This certification validates all the skills these candidates have learned during those training sessions and can help them get their desired jobs.

CCNA is the Cisco associated certifications and these certifications can be obtained in any of the 5 levels of Cisco exam. Few Cisco certifications are jut restricted to only a few levels. You can also get awarded with these certifications after passing the Cisco exam and the preparation of which can be done by the online classes or by the classes from other schools.

CCNA Wireless

CCNA Wireless certification is also one of the associate-level certifications. Just as the name suggests it trains candidates about the wireless networking and all that is needed to develop, troubleshoot and maintain such network. This certification confirms that you understand the wireless LAN configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting which is very important when it comes to the knowledge of the wireless network. I this training program, the trainees are trained all about the Cisco wireless network too.

CCNA Wireless certification validates and confirms that the candidate has full professional knowledge and skill to deal with any kind of problem with wireless LAN and can also develop and monitor it for small to medium level setup. CCNA Wireless certified individuals have full command on almost all types of wireless networks and can organise, monitor and troubleshoot them easily. They can also mitigate any type of problem that arises with the wireless network.


To have the CCNA wireless network certification the candidate must have any other CCNA certification or CCIE certification. Cisco exam happens from time to time and dates of exam and syllabus of the exam are shown on the official website of Cisco or CCNA. Cisco certification has a name in the whole technology world and a person validated by Cisco can have any desired job in any company he wants. By this Cisco certification, Cisco is training people to have professional level skills and the skill to deal with all of the Cisco technologies. All the required information for Cisco exam can be found online on various websites.

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