CCNA is basically a Cisco certified network associate. It is a certification of information technology that is certified by Cisco. Cisco is an American multinational technology corporation that manufactures and produces technology equipment, networking hardware and many there technology products that are being used in today’s world of information technology. Cisco offers many other services too that can be related to anything about technology, networking and the internet, regarding domains almost everything is handled by this company. Cisco certification is also one of the amazing services by this corporate. Cisco has been taking part in the progress of technology since its very start, since 1984.

Cisco certification

CCNA has already been told is the Cisco certificate. Many certification programs are being offered by Cisco nowadays. There are basically 5 levels of Cisco certification

  1. Entry
  2. Associate
  3. Professional
  4. Expert
  5. Architect

Cisco networking academy is the place where the provide training before these certifications. Online and classroom training are provided to the students before their CCNA exam after which they receive the certification. You too can achieve Cisco certification after passing your Cisco exam. This Cisco exam evaluates and tests the knowledge of the candidate about installation, troubleshooting and operating a branch network. A syllabus is assigned to the candidates before the exam, which they have to study and they also have to take either online or classroom classes for the preparation of this exam.

You can give your Cisco exam in the ether of its modules. The data centre is one of those modules and very important too.

Data Centre

There is four Cisco exam for this type of Cisco certification but before that, you should know more about the CCNA data centre certification. This CCNA data centre certification certifies about the knowledge of installation of data centre equipment its design and its maintenance as well. This Cisco exam requires the knowledge of data centre solution, the technology it requires and the design plans for it. It also trains the candidate about how to manage and maintain the modern data centre infrastructure. The first entry level of the Cisco exam consist of CCENT and CCT only but in the rest of the four levels, you can go for data centre certification. Cisco exam keeps updating every once in a while and the very recent data centre certification exam was done on 17th January 2017. Candidates can choose to take any of the five versions of the exam until 23rd July 2017.

Benefits of Cisco data centre certification

By giving the Cisco exam you can totally achieve the data centre certification by Cisco. All the Cisco certified candidates of the data centre are known to have amazing skills of dealing with modern equipment for data centre and have all the detailed and updated information. They know the best about the data centre security and are experts about everything related to the data centre, its installation, organising, and even management. If you want to have CCNA data centre certification, register to CCNA before the Cisco exam.

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