Cisco certifications have become one of the top technical certifications I n the world, even though they are not provided by any educational institute. Instead, they are provided by the famous and multi-national networking company Cisco. The reason is that now every other company has their headquarters or sub-offices in other parts of the country or even the world. And of course, no one can just keep flying to other places as well to manage them or keep an eye on them. SO for this purpose networking is a most favourable necessity in any company. By using it you can control all the data of your company in your building, other cities or even in other countries as well. And for this reason, there is another department of networking in every office.

Importance of Cisco Certification

And by Cisco Certifications, you can have more chances for your career development. Besides CCNA there are many other Cisco Certifications as well, and all of them are passed after Cisco Exams. CCNA is just second or you can say beginner level for networking. Here you will learn the basic stuff of networking, and after its completion, you will be able to perform the basic networking on your own. It is for sure that no one is ready to do the certification, after which there is no scope, or after which jobs are offered at low wages.


Well, it is not the case with these certifications, as they are more worthy than your four years graduation. The most important thing that a company requires are skills and a bit of theoretical knowledge. Well, Cisco Certification holder has got all of these things, and capable of getting a job at some high position. The reason is that he has already passed that tough Cisco Exams and proved himself worthy of getting a good job. In past, some years according to a report it has been analysed that CCNA certified are getting average salaries of $102,000 to $116,000.

CCNA Cyber Ops

IF there is something on the internet, then it means that it is not safe, and every company tries several methods to keep their data safe. It is a real challenge to deal with cybercrime when it keeps on increasing day by day. So in order to deal with such situations team of Security Operations Centre always have to keep an eye on such actions or interference. For this purpose, you require CCNA Cyber Ops Certification, as by doing this course you will be prepared to deal with all kinds of security issues in the networking.

CCNA Exams

Furthermore, two different types of Cisco Exams are required in order to receive CCNA Cyber Ops Certification. First one is 210-250 SECFND, in order to attend this test you have to receive the training for Cisco Cyber Security Fundamentals, and the other test name is 210-255 SECOPS, and to attend this exam you have to receive the training for Cisco Cyber Security Operations. All the data related to training is available on the Cisco Digital Library.

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